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We are sending our condolences to Dan and all of the family. We received the letter yesterday letting us know of Judy's passing. It was quite shocking news. It makes me very sad that I did not ever get to meet Judy, but I have certainly enjoyed connecting with her on Facebook. My husband, James saw her as his "step mom". Legally she would have been his aunt, but he definitely viewed her as more then that. James did not always have a lot positive in his life as a kid, but Judy was certainly one very shining bright star in his memories. He credits her completely for his graduating from high school. He had weeks worth of work and a weekend to complete it in order to receive his diploma. He, his teachers, and counselor did not see how it was possible. Judy, on the other hand knew it was! James wanted to give up, and "take a break". Judy said "NO way"!! She sat with him and helped him over that weekend, and Monday morning came, and he turned it all in. Much to the surprise of everyone! He DID IT, he graduated from high school, and he knows it would have never happened without her! He would also talk about how Judy could take "nothing" and make a gourmet meal. James and I have been together for 31 years, and he always spoke so highly of Judy. I am so happy that both James and I were able to tell Judy how much she meant to him.

Patty Willis

As my mother in law Judy we had some great times memory's that. Go beyond this life time..You And I have done battle each time I left feeling 3 foot tall only half my ass left..Judy you always told me the way it was..Never once did you beat around that bush..The truth is your only way...Don't want to know don't ask..Judy for all the years you loved me accepted me as family gave me advice and set me straight when needed..Judy I am honored to be your family and a friend..My life is a better place Knowing you..Your amazing how you take time for everyone else when your the one in need..It doesn't matter what was happening in your life..You always had time for anyone who needed you..Never mattered what fiscal limitations or how you felt that day..You never lost your smile..Myself I consider blessed to have been a part of your life and we all need to take a page from this life lesson..The best lessions in life are done by example..My friend Miss Judy key..Your one of very few that has earned my respect..My only regret is I didn't tell you sooner..That's ok cuz this story's not done..We will fly with the angels you and I..I look for you when I get in the gate you will be there once again smile & all..Thank you my friend for my life lesson leading by example and for never given up..You missed for now but we a date when they let me in the gate....

Your son in law
Mitchell Anderson

Mitch Anderson